J M Clifton-Everest of Knighthood. Origins of the Tannhauser-legend

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Книга " of Knighthood. Origins of the Tannhäuser-legend".

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Valery Pikulev Water and Stone. Historical story

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Water and stone … – these two elements which merged together create unique beauty of Sankt-Ptersburg. documentary and art photostory, with two hundred color photos, is “business card” at the first acquaintance to the Great City. It acquaints the reader not only with man-made beauty of the Northern Capital of Great Russia, but also opens very difficult history of emergence of the city, its value for the country and – the main thing! – opens wide soul of the Great Child of Peter.

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Soren Kierkegaard, Douglas V. Steere Purity of Heart Is to Will One

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This Edition Includes: Translator's Introduction - Preface by the Author - Introduction: Man and the Eternal - Remorse, Repentance, Confession: Eternity's Emissaries to Man - Barriers to Willing One : Variety and Great Moments Are Not One - Barriers to Willing One : Reward - Disease - Barriers to willing One : Willing Out of Fear of Punishment - Barriers to willing One : Egocentric Service of the Good - Barriers to Willing One : Egocentric Service of the Good - Barriers to Willing One : Commitment to a Certain Degree - Price of Willing Our : Commitment, Loyalty, Readiness to Suffer All - Price of Willing One : Exposure of Evasions - Price of Willing One : An Examination of the Extreme Case of an Incurable Sufferer - Price of Willing One : Sufferer's Use of Cleverness to Expose Evasion - What n Must I Do? Listener's Role in a Devotional Address - What n Must I Do? Live as an "Individual" - What n Must I Do? Occupation and Vocation: Mean: and End - Conclusion: Man and the Eternal -

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C. F. McGlashan History of the Donner Party, a of the Sierra

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Книга "History of the Donner Party, a of the Sierra".

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Richard Swanson Events of the Day. A of the American Sixties

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Книга "Events of the Day. A of the American Sixties".

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William Shakespeare of Hamlet

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Книга " of Hamlet".

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Mary Anneeta Mann Construction of . HUBRIS

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Книга " Construction of . HUBRIS".

La Roche Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique

Cribbs Disappearance Sloane Sullivan

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Sandford John Easy Prey

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Investigating the murder of supermodel Alie'e Maison, Lucas Davenport finds complications in the victim's drug habits and secret sex life, as well as the suspicion of one of Davenport's own men and the discovery of a second body in the house.

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Lew Duffey Rebirth of the Dogwood

Цена: 1564 руб.


This is a mixture of prose and poetry to describe my faith and the beauty I see all around me. All of Gods creation is a wonderful thing to admire. We should all take time to enjoy it.

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Joshua Billings Genealogy of the Tragic. Greek and German Philosophy

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Why did Greek tragedy and "the tragic" come to be seen as essential to conceptions of modernity? And how has this belief affected modern understandings of Greek drama? In Genealogy of the Tragic, Joshua Billings answers these and related questions by tracing the emergence of the modern theory of the tragic, which was first developed around 1800 by thinkers associated with German Idealism. book argues that the idea of the tragic arose in response to a new consciousness of history in the late eighteenth century, which spurred theorists to see Greek tragedy as both a unique, historically remote form and a timeless literary genre full of meaning for the present. book offers a new interpretation of the theories of Schiller, Schelling, Hegel, Hölderlin, and others, as mediations between these historicizing and universalizing impulses, and shows the roots of their approaches in earlier discussions of Greek tragedy in Germany, France, and England. By examining eighteenth-century readings of tragedy and the interactions between idealist thinkers in detail, Genealogy of the Tragic offers the most comprehensive historical account of the tragic to date, as well as the fullest explanation of why and how the idea was used to make sense of modernity. book argues that idealist theories remain fundamental to contemporary interpretations of Greek tragedy, and calls for a renewed engagement with philosophical questions in criticism of tragedy.

Claudia Gabel Romeo and Juliet and Vampires

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Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy about two young «star-cross'd lovers» whose untimely deaths ultimately unite their feuding families… retold with a bit more bite!When a classic is perfect, there is only one thing that can make it better: folding in a breed of monsters! With vampires thrown in the mix, readers will love the darkly hilarious twist on this best-loved tragedy.“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo”… Add in fangs and you can say that again!

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